Sporting the latest advancements in cooling technology, Mizu Cooling Solutions offers excellent radiator upgrades. Handmade and hand-welded, Mizu radiators employ the highest-quality aluminum available and direct OEM (original equipment manufacturer) fitment. Prominent design features include three cooling rows rather than the standard one row, supplemental thickness in the core and increased fin density, and a high-pressure 1.3-bar Mizu radiator cap. After each radiator is fully completed, the professionals at Mizu Cooling Solutions subject the product to various tests to ensure quality and reliability. Engineered to hold up against even the most strenuous conditions, Mizu radiators fully satisfy the demands of professional racers. Other products manufactured by Mizu Cooling Solutions include silicon hoses, aluminum fan shrouds, fans, and thermostats. An effective cooling system is necessary for an engine to operate without overheating. With the high-performance products by Mizu Cooling Solutions, automobile engines perform with optimal efficiency. Mizu Cooling Systems offers the Mizu Lifetime Warranty for all products. Professional organizations affiliated with Mizu Cooling Systems include the Specialty Equipment Market Association and Pro-Motion Distributing.


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